Patagonia Ascents. 7 days.

Have you ever expirience the top of a mountain? This program offers you the possibility to summit two amazing and non technical peak is Patagonia, giving you the best views!

Vespigniani Mountain is right in Lago del desierto area, around 40km away from El Chalten Village. Surrounded by glaciers, this summit offers amazing views of both Argentinean and Chilenean sides.

Gorra Blanca Mountain is a bit harder, and done in 4 days. Its located in Souther Patagonia Icefield and will give you the chance to both step and enjoy the 3rd biggest mass of ice on earth! 

Take your chance to exprierince the best of Patagonia pushing it a bit!

Expirience in hiking is required. Both summits involve technical hiking with crampons, snowshoes mountaineering boots, since you will be crossing steep glaciers.

Backpack. Around 20kg. You may hire porters.



  •  Mountain Guide.
  • 1 Assistant every 3 people.
  • Glacier and Snow Equipment. (snowshoes and
  • crampons)
  • 4 season Tents (Mountain Hardwear) and cooking set.
  • Meals during the hikes.
  • Transfer Rio Electrio.
  • VHF Radio.
  • GPS.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Personal Accident insurance.


  • Personal Equipment (boots, backpack, sleeping bag, etc). You can rent this equipment. Let us know if you need any of these items. You get a 30% discount by hiring our services.
  • Additional Porters.
  • Non specified in this program.
  • Tips 


  •  Backpack 60-70l.
  •  3 pair of socks.
  •  Shoes for wading.
  •  Sleeping Bag down or synthetic -15o.
  •  Insulated Mattress.
  •  1L Bottle.
  •  Syntethic underwear top and pant. (midweight)  2 top fleeces or similar.
  •  Fleece pant or warm tight.
  •  Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex or similar).
  •  Down Jacket or similar.
  •  Hiking poles.
  •  Sunglasses with UV protection.
  •  Sun block and lip balm.
  •  Waterproof Overpant (Gore-tex or similar).
  •  Gloves (3 pairs).
  •  Cup or similar.
  •  Hiking Boots.
  •  Gaiters.
  •  Mountaineering boots.
  •  Neck protection.
  •  Personal hygiene set.
  •  Headlamp with extra batteries.
  •  Fleece beanie or similar. 

It ́s important to take into account, that the weather in El Chalten is very unstable. This expedition counts with two extra days to improve the odds of success. Waiting, continuing, or suspending decision will be on our Mountain Guide criteria. 



Additional Information

Backpack weight

DAY 1. El Calafate. Transport to el Chalten. Meeting with the guide. Hostel included. Note. Book a flight that arrives no later than 4pm.

DAY 2. Transport to Lago del desierto. Vespigniani Summit.

DAY 3. Resting and extra Bad weather day.

DAY 4. Transport to Electrico River. La Playita Camp.

DAY 5. La Playita - Paso Marconi.

DAY 6. Paso Marconi - Gorra Blanca Summit - Paso Marconi.

DAY 7. Paso Marconi - Electrico River - Transport to El Chalten. Group Dinner.




  • Cerro Gorra Blanca.
  • Southern Patagonia Icefield.
  • Cerro Vespigniani.
  • Lago del desierto.
  • Paso Marconi.
  • El Chalten.
  • El Calafate.


  1. El Calafate
  2. El Chaltén
  3. Lago del desierto
  4. Vespigniani
  5. Rio Electrico
  6. La Playita
  7. Paso Marconi
  8. Gorra Blanca
  9. Paso Marconi
  10. Rio Electrico