Terms and conditions

Price Reservation Conditions:
All mountain activities contain certain risk. All participants must sign and send a Risk Assumption prior departure of the chosen activity.
If for some particular reason, such as disease or similar, the client must pay the program plus any other charge or expense that this may generate.
Patagonia Hikes has already contemplated all insurance cover for the passengers and the development of their activities. Our insurance includes Civilian Responsibility and Personal Accident cover. However, Patagonia hikes recommends the passengers to hire Travel Assistance.
Once you agree with the following Terms and Conditions, choose the program, and Patagonia hikes will send you all of the equipment needed. It's necessary that you understand that this equipment is necessary and without any of them you won't be able to make the activity. Patagonia Hikes will provide of the needed equipment only if you let us know in advance so we can ensure its availability.
Both luggage and personal effects are the passenger's responsibility.
In this type of expeditions it's necessary that all participants follow the guides instructions and recommendations. The mountain Guides decision of modifications, such as cancelation of the program, if this could affect the safety of the group or any of the participants. This will not leave place to any complaints or refunds.
The results of each program are goals to achieve and do not imply any contract obligation to our company. Patagonia Hikes is not responsible of any delays or changes on the itinerary pre established caused by sickness, bad weather or any other circumstance clearly out of our control.

Cancelation and Refund Policies:
If a passenger decides to cancel his/her reservation the following policy will apply:
If the cancellation takes place 30 days prior the initiation of the activity, the passenger will get full refund.
If it's any other way Patagonia Hikes will not refund any of the payment made up to this date.
If Patagonia Hikes is forced to cancel any activity before departure, the passenger will get a full refund.